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Our roofs are there to keep us safe from the elements. That alone makes them important, but the roof also impacts the appearance and value of a home. A Mansfield roof repair professional from our office will provide homeowners with work they can depend on, and do it a fair price. 

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, All American Roof Pros is proud to serve all of Sandusky, and the Columbus and Cleveland areas, in addition to our home base in Mansfield. 

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Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

There are several telltale signs that indicate it’s time to call in a Mansfield roof repair pro. Those signs include the following: 

Cracked or Missing Shingles

High winds and storms can cause shingles to become detached or cracked, leading to water leakage. Water seepage can compromise a roof’s integrity and result in further damage. It’s important to replace any broken shingles promptly before the seepage causes more costly repairs.

Shingle Discoloration

Shingle discoloration is another indicator that something may be wrong with the roof. The moisture buildup that causes this could mean drainage errors, or other issues requiring attention. Water spots in attics and ceilings often indicate that water has already breached the protective layer of the roof, opening it up to other problems, like mold and rot, if not addressed quickly.

The Flashings

Inspecting flashings around vents and chimneys is essential, as these joints provide openings for potential water penetration. Any gaps or rust should be monitored vigilantly, as they are likely areas where repair may be needed soon.

Gutter Maintenance

Likewise, always keep an eye on gutters, as sagging gutters may mean trusses have failed or been under-supported due to heavy debris buildup behind them.

If any of these signs are visible on your roof, it's best to call a professional from All American Roof Pros right away, so we can assess the condition, and recommend necessary repairs before further harm is done to the home's structure.

Reach out to All American Roof Pros by calling (419) 484-3326 or through filling out our online contact form today. 

Benefits of Routine Roof Maintenance

Here are some of the key benefits of routine roof maintenance:

Prevents Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance can prevent small problems from turning into significant issues that require costly repairs. By identifying and fixing any minor damage, or wear and tear, homeowners can avoid expensive repairs down the line. Additionally, regular maintenance helps extend the life of a roof, putting off the day of replacement as long as possible.

Increases Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained roof can help improve a home's energy efficiency by preventing air leaks. This can lead to lower energy bills over time as the HVAC system won't have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Improves Safety

A damaged or deteriorating roof poses a safety risk for everyone living in the house. Loose shingles or tiles could fall off unexpectedly, potentially injuring someone below. Regular roof maintenance helps keep all parts of the roof secure and safe. 

Enhances Curb Appeal

A well-maintained roof enhances a home's curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers, in addition to simply making the home like nicer and stand out in the neighborhood. 

It’s further worth noting that roofing warranties may require regular maintenance to remain valid. By maintaining the roof regularly, homeowners ensure that it stays covered under warranty should any issues arise during the coverage period.

If you have questions We have answers. Check out our FAQs below!
  • What time of year is best to replace a roof?
    Fall is generally the best time to replace the roof. Winter snow, spring rain, and summer humidity can all affect the finished product. However, some geographic locations may have other “best times” for roof replacement.
  • If my roof leaks, do I need a whole new roof?
    If you see one leak, there are likely others you haven’t spotted. A leaking roof only gets worse, so it’s best to repair it as soon as possible. Our experts can help you understand the extent of the issue and whether a roof replacement might be a valid solution to consider.
  • How do I stop my roof from leaking inside?
    The best way is to make a temporary patch using roof tar, plywood, or shingles. Our experienced roofers can handle this task for you quickly and effectively as you determine the best course of action moving forward.
  • What should I look for in a roofer?
    Ask your neighbors for referrals for a roofer, or check your local social media for recommendations. A legitimate roofer won’t ask for the full payment up front, but rather after the job is completed to your satisfaction. Make sure that the roofing company is licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • What should I know before hiring a roofer?
    Verify that the business is licensed, and check how long they’ve been in business. Also, verify they have insurance and local certifications that may be valuable or necessary. You may want to inquire if they are experienced with the type of roofing you want as well
  • How long do roofs last?
    It depends on the roof covering. Slate, tile, and copper roofs have a lifespan of about 50 years, while wood shake roofs generally last about 20 years. Fiber cement (25 years) and asphalt shingle/ composition roofs (20 years) tend to have the shortest lifespans.
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Mansfield Roof Repair You Can Rely On

With a deep and talented team of roofing professionals, All American Roof Pros is at the ready and waiting for your call, so we can come out and help. 

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Trusted For a Reason
We guarantee we'll be the last roof you'll ever need!
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